To View the database, you first need access. Email us to set up an account and password. Then click View in the menu options to go to the NocoDB viewing interface.


After logging in, click on the [PROJECT NAME HERE] project under “My Projects.”


The list of tables can be found in the left-hand column.


Columns and Fields

To hide or show columns in a table, click on the “Fields” dropdown near the top right of the screen.

Single-Record View

For an expanded single-record view, hover over a record and click on the expansion symbol in the leftmost “#” column.

This will take you to a pop-up window that looks something like this:

Clicking on linked entries from other tables will take you to the single-record view for those linked entries. For the example in the image above, clicking on akuia results in the following:


To sort, click on the “Sort” dropdown (next to the “Fields” dropdown) in the top right of the screen and select the desired field:


To filter, click on the “Filter” dropdown and customize a filter:

Types of searches

Browse lemmas and see all instances of a lemma.

Browse stems or morphemes and see (a) the word or phrase example that this stem or morpheme occurs in, or (b) see its standardized form in the Lemmas table.

Browse words and see information about the source (dialect, speaker, source, page number, etc.)







Category abbreviations

Verb stems

  • VAI
  • VII
  • VTA
  • VTI

Noun stems

  • NA
  • NI
  • N
  • NDA
  • NDI
  • ND

Other stems

  • D
  • Part
  • Int
  • Voc


  • init
  • med
  • fai
  • fii
  • fta
  • fti
  • nmlz
  • pv
  • pn