The language and lexical forms in this database belong to the Blackfoot people. Blackfoot Words was created with the support of many people and groups.


The project is maintained by Natalie Weber.

Current contributors

  • Hailey Dykstra (Yale ’23)
  • Rodrigo Hernandez-Merlin (Yale ’22)
  • Evan Hochstein (Yale ’23)
  • Nico Kidd (Yale ’22)
  • Diana Kulmizev (Yale ’23)
  • Matty Norris (Yale ’22)

Previous contributors

  • Isobel Anthony (Yale ’20)
  • Charelle Brown (Yale ’20)
  • Tyler Brown (Yale ’23)
  • Josh Celli (Yale ’21)
  • Pearl Hwang (Yale ’23)
  • Paige Johnson (Yale, ’20)
  • Shayley Martin (Yale ’22)
  • Hannah Morrison (Yale ’23)
  • Hema Patel (Yale ’23)
  • Evan Roberts (Yale ’23)
  • Alex Smith (ULeth)
  • Lena Venkatraman (Yale ’22)


Blackfoot Lab at Yale University

Many of the contributors are part of the Blackfoot Lab at Yale. You can see some of our other projects on our website.

Yale Spinup

The database itself is deployed on Yale Spinup, which hosts secure, self-service resources in the cloud. Tenyo Grozev at Yale Spinup was invaluable in the support he gave us while setting up this portion of the project.


The current viewing interface uses NocoDB, a free and open-source no-code platform that turns relational databases into smart spreadsheets.

How to cite

For citations in academic papers, please cite the paper which describes the database structure:

  • Weber, Natalie, Tyler Brown, Joshua Celli, McKenzie Denham, Hailey Dykstra, Nico Kidd, Rodrigo Hernandez-Merlin, Evan Hochstein, Pinyu Hwang, Diana Kulmizev, Hannah Morrison, Matty Norris, and Lena Venkatraman. (submitted). A lexical database of Blackfoot legacy sources. Submitted in Oct. 2021 to Language Resources and Evaluation.

To cite the database itself (the schema and data), use the following: